Are we over-sharing (housing)?

Last Spring I caught wind of a project called ONESHAREDHOUSE, a self-initiated effort by superstar creative agency Anton & Irene. OSH explored concepts in coliving, inspired by Irene’s formative years in a Dutch lesbian co-housing arrangement (they also made a badass interactive documentary that you should check out). OSH caught the attention of SPACE10, a Copenhagen-based, IKEA-funded “future-living lab” that is tasked with detecting trends that might affect the furniture behemoth’s business in the years to come. One of those trends is “shared living,” and the two parties collaborated to make ONESHAREDHOUSE2030, a research project exploring the future of shared living.

SPACE10 was in NYC this last week and held an event the other night in Brooklyn, which I attended. Some takeaways:

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When cities give you crappy housing options, making housing aid

Some of us are fervent—and perhaps unreasonably romantic—lover of cities. For those so afflicted, the lack of affordable housing options in America’s most vital cities—and the cultural/economic heterogeneity those options support—makes us sad.

The dearth of affordable housing can be blamed on a bramble of regulatory, lending, manufacturing, and market conditions. This, in turn, leads many urban developers to default to building generic high-end rentals and condos that are inaccessible to non-investment bankers.

While there are hints that the luxury rental market is seriously softening, the status quo leaves many high and dry. But there are a few startups that are creatively hacking market conditions to offer somewhat affordable options to the underhoused masses.